Taufiq Alimi

Senior Partner

Taufiq Alimi has excellent knowledge plus extensive exposure dealing with international organizations from World Bank to UNDP to oversee various projects conducted in Indonesia particularly related to environmental issues.

He is an environmental economist, a proven expert in cross-cultures communications as well as System Thinking For Organizations, and has helped numerous challenging projects such as The Asian Community Trust (1999 to 2005), besides serving LEAD Indonesia (1998 – 2004) as Program Director before shifting to managing Indonesia Eco-Labeling Institute as Executive Director since 2004-2009. He is prominent person in Indonesian forestry and is elected to be Executive Chair of National Forestry Council.
Taufiq studied  Nuclear Engineering at the University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta and earned his enginnering degree in 1993, he earned his second degree on Environmental Policy Studies in University Oberlin (1995), Ohio USA, and continued to studying Environmental Economics at the University of the Philippines, at Los Banos (1999).

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