Our breadth of proficiencies — deep expertise in strategy, advertising and information technology besides broad industry experience and networks ranging from agriculture/forestry, oil and mining sector to retailing and from media to consumer good products — is grounded in our first-hand knowledge gained from serving various scale of clients.

No matter what the scale and scope of our involvement, however, our goal is always the same: to help our clients achieve exceptional results and build lasting capabilities and we are always committed to deliver proven solutions.

One Link Consulting

One Link Consulting works with decision makers on the issues of corporate strategy, performance management, sales and marketing as well as advertising. This division assists clients navigate the challenges on what competition brings today where we offer a unique combination of customized solutions and comprehensive insights about industry, market size, business trend, product cycle and competition.

This company also would advise all-related-business-matters with clients by helping clients creating practical alternatives, providing unswerving answers, allocating unbiased findings in assuring fullest legal protection when conducting business in Indonesia.

A broad array of technological as well as information system issues will be addressed both for its impact on cost and its benefits when it is implemented. The company has specialist expertise in areas from Application Management to Technology Consulting and from IT Outsourcing to Business Intelligence Solution including E-Business Solution.  Of equal importance is we would consult clients to have IT system that is capable to manage proprietary computer system and data bases that support informed decision-making.

A focus on developing and delivering the most approachable way of reaching the local market can be utterly explored by this Advertising division where it offers a full fledge of one stop agency for creating your best strategy on Advertising and Promotion.

The clients will be advised to find the most applicable communication strategy, both for above the line and below the line, to create maximum impact thru various means of communication and this would be using the intensive knowledge of One Link Consulting that has been enjoyed by other clients

Practical Experiences

Being one step ahead of the competition in this intensified competition like today is vitally important. The practical experiences of One Link Consulting across various industries in various scales of companies enable us to answer a list of challenging tasks, and finally deliver practical alternative to clients successfully.

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