Our Mission

One Link Consulting is an Indonesia’s global consulting firm, established since 2002, that delivers creative and innovative business solutions thru one-stop-consulting.

Our Vision

  • One Link Consulting is to assist investors that have genuine intention to do investment in Indonesia by providing professional advises from all business frameworks to ensure the fullest assurance when conducting business in Indonesia while sharing deep knowledge of local market, unrivalled understanding of business practices and broad networks of business society for the benefits of clients
  • One Link Consulting is focused to help middle to large size of investors both company or individual on business management issues by consulting, creating and developing practical and cost-effective business strategy ranging from corporate strategy to marketing and from Information Technology to advertising strategy as well as Legal Protection.
  • One Link Consulting provides human resource services both national and international including outplacement, relocation counseling and facilitation, management interventions and career coaching, career alignment, strategic workforce planning, diversity training and team building to deliver effective programs required by businesses to maximize the return on that investment.

Our Approach

In a time when both industries and companies are in a state of perpetual change and the need to grow becomes imperative, it is necessary to dare think new thoughts in the attempt to ensure a future platform for growth and innovation.

In this fact, companies who think of expanding their international business may face highly complex business issues and they could not solve on a method-based template. It means the old alternative shall be revised and a new agenda shall be set.

Our consultants have the skill, knowledge, expertise and experience to help you answer these critical challenges questions. We bring strategic thinking and hands-on, practical experience to every challenge that clients face to offer creative and viable solutions.

And we support the principle of mobilizing the organization’s own knowledge and energy in the solution and we are devoted to help our clients define and implement unswerving and understandable solutions that correspond with the goals, vision and culture of the client company.

Our Core Values

Core Values are beliefs.

Core values describe who we are, how we treat one another and the way we conduct ourselves — both in the company and in the community and such values direct the course we take in life.

Therefore, these principles are too important.
While our corporate goals and strategies may evolve to meet changing circumstances and while we recognize that each of us must enhance and expand the company’s business to achieve our full professional potential, our core values remain firmly embedded in the heart of the company.

As we have served clients in most major industries, One Link Consulting by virtue has specialized industry knowledge with proprietary business design techniques to deliver sustainable value growth for our clients.

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